Raise money for charity and £250 for yourself whilst beating your colleagues.

Click the play button below, when the game loads keep clicking to navigate santa through the gates and keep playing until you're happy with your score. Once happy click 'Submit your score' to be entered into the competition. You can play as many times as you want and see the leaderboard and more information below.

Click Here To Play The Game



£250 voucher for the winner plus £1 to The Snowdrop Trust for every point of the
highest score*

Competition closes midday GMT on Wednesday 20th December 2017.
* Max donation £1,000


Competitor Score:
Ryan Pullen 372
James Stevens 360
Simon Shaw 329
Stacey higgins 255
Paul Williams 231
Alex 231
Stacey Higgins 224
Alan Castle 217
Peter king 119
Josh R 83
Rob Booth 80
Tom cross 75
George Tindall 72
Geoff Pawley 71
Liam Summers 68
Philip Riviera 61
Craig McNoulty 61
David Hagelthorn 55
Lewis McKenny 46
Nicky cross 44
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