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Varn are an expert SEO, search & digital marketing agency

We are an eclectic group of strategists, mathematicians, data analysts, digital marketeers, copywriters & website developers.

What we have in common is a love & expert knowledge of SEO, a passion for digital marketing, AI & data analytics as well as a fierce competitive streak that ensures our clients’ websites thrive & their profits grow.

We love to work in partnership with our ambitious clients & it’s vital that we work together with our clients in an ethical and transparent way. Our team love what we do and we want everyone involved to enjoy their journey with Varn; clients, staff, community and the people we work with and engage with everyday.


At Varn we combine expertise in technical SEO expertise, AI & data analytics, off-page SEO and tactical paid search and social.

Our specialist knowledge and expert team build businesses and brand online and we have been doing this successfully for our happy clients for over 15 years.

Our clients range from ambitious ecommerce and SME businesses through to global publishing, healthcare and pharma companies. We delight in delivering great SEO results for them all.

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Impressive ROI for happy clients

We are SEO experts & we love what we do



“We think life is simply too short not to make it fun. We focus on making sure our clients are happy and our wonderful team are happy, with the result being meaningful partnerships and outstanding delivery of our search marketing services.”


Looking for an agency partnership that is honest, ethical and transparent?

Varn Values

Our values articulate what’s truly important to our team, our culture and our business.

Welcome to the Varn Woodland Office

A new and innovative outdoor office space for our team


At the Varn Woodland Office we manage over 35,000 trees which consists of predominantly hardwoods such as ash, oak, beech and cherry. Our woodland management plan is to absorb as much CO2 as possible and promote natural biodiversity.



A message saying 'Welcome to the Varn Woodland Office' on a large screen in the outdoor woodland office at Varn



We are currently working from our woodland at least once a week & celebrate the benefits that being outside and around nature can do. We enjoy sharing this fantastic work environment with our hardworking team and encourage it as a place that promotes workplace wellbeing by encouraging everyone to enjoy the fresh air and have fun at work. Our woodland office is also host to VarnFest, our outdoor business festival.



Bee and trail


Some of the Varn team at the Varn woodland office

Want to join our happy team?

A Climate Positive Agency

The environment is close to our heart at Varn and we look to bring a positive contribution to our community and the planet. As well as using 100% renewable electricity, recycling whatever we can we also positively offset our business and staff commute carbon footprint through buying, planting and managing our very own Varn woodland.

Our commitment to planting trees and offsetting our carbon footprint, has given rise to our new ‘woodland office’ a natural workspace designed for our team to be able to work outside and close to nature. This innovative and creative workspace is set in the middle of the Varn woodland and focuses on promoting employee wellbeing, celebrating the natural world and as well as offsetting our carbon footprint many times over.

They say you never own a woodland but just manage it for the next generation. We now manage over 35,000 trees, consisting of predominantly hardwoods such as ash, oak, beech and cherry.  The woodland management plan is to not only absorb as much CO2 as possible but to also promote natural biodiversity through a small scale ‘rewilding’ programme.

The mobile office we call the CamperVarn

With the pandemic creating such change in our everyday lives, we wanted to provide our employees the flexibility of new workspaces and are challenging the conventional office set up. So we have created the CamperVarn. Our ‘mobile office’ that staff can take out and about, taking in new views and thinking differently as a result of being ‘out of office’.

This helps Varn workspaces to become more versatile and dynamic for our team and encourages working outside and in natural spaces, also with the knowledge that we are offsetting any carbon fuel emissions with our woodland space.

Follow our adventures on Instagram @campervarn

Having A Carbon Negative Effect

Based on using a calculator on including staff journeys to work and that we use renewable electricity, we estimate that our carbon footprint is between 14 and 16 tonnes per year.  According to a typical hardwood tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. This means it will sequester approximately 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.  We are always working to reduce our carbon footprint but based on our current usage and Varn being in business until at least 2060 we should be absorbing more than 50 times the carbon we emit.  This is our aim anyway, some people describe this as having a carbon negative effect, we like to think of it as a climate positive contribution.

Community Support

The contribution we can make to our community goes hand in hand with our positive contribution to the environment.

We are proud to have collaborated with our local Coop supermarket to provide a specialist recycling facility for crisp packets. Since the scheme began in May 2019, we have prevented more than 40,000 crisp packets from polluting the Wiltshire countryside or sitting in a landfill. Bradford on Avon Town Council are now supporting the initiative, which encourages people to take empty crisp packets to both the Co-op in the centre of town and the Terracycling Station, making it so much easier for local residents to recycle.

Wealth creation for distribution for good

In addition to our recycling efforts, we have also recently loved being part of a Bradford on Avon art auction raising funds for a local skatepark, an important community project, we support the local foodbank and supported the solar panels for the local primary school.

Also, on a global scale, we are a supporter of Business Against Poverty (, we donate to business startups in Africa and Eastern Europe, and we sponsor one child (based in India and Africa) for each Varn employee and pay for their school fees. It seems obvious to us that one significant way to help solve the environmental and poverty challenge is through education.

Google Partners

We are Google Partners and although anyone can join Google Partners, only trusted agencies can earn Google’s seal of approval and get listed on Google Partner Search.

The Google Partner badge shows that we are trusted by Google. This means we receive exclusive access to a range of benefits including live training events, industry insights, extra support, promotional offers, beta test opportunities, professional networking and other tools designed just for agencies.


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Our VarnFest Events

The Woodland Business Festivals

We know there is much more to business than search engine marketing. So we’ve created our very own outdoor business festivals, at our woodland office.

Find out more about outdoor woodland business festivals, and share with others the journey & path travelled to success >> VarnFest Events


Bee and trail


VarnFest Event 2023. The woodland business festival leadership event at Varn's outdoor woodland office featuring Tom Vaughton, Dan Collins and Rebecca Morely

What are the VarnFest outdoor business festivals?

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