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20 August 2018

Top Tips for Content That Users Will Love

When chatting with clients, we not only discuss the ways that we can help to optimise their sites with onsite SEO, but we also discuss the importance of the content that goes on to the site.  Whilst technical SEO work and building a brilliant website has its benefits, content, as they say, is king.

User experience has become a much more crucial element in the ranking algorithms within search engines. User experience is measured based on how long a user spends on your site, how many pages they visit and how relevant and linkable they think your content is. To get people to visit your website and share your content, you need to have good quality content throughout.  This all boils down to providing your website visitors with quality content.

We’ve got some top tips for creating content that users will love:

1. Ensure your content is unique: 

This applies to all pages and content on your site – duplicated content will get penalised by search engines. Don’t take content from other sites or pages on your own site. When creating content, ensure it is unique for each page so that you are offering a different user experience compared to competitor sites. It is important to remember that when referring to page content we also include sidebars, ads, headers, footers etc.

2. Make your content relevant: 

This is just as important as having unique content. To rank well, search engines need to see that your content links to the topics and search queries that are used to find the types of products and services that you offer.  If you can show that you are producing the most useful and relevant content, search engines will see you as an expert on that subject and will rank you higher.  Evaluate your content and ask yourself how detailed and thorough the information is and how useful and accurate it would be for search queries.

3. Content should be recent: 

Fresh content is another way to help your rankings. Search engines want to see that you are providing users with relevant content on a regular basis.  Posting blogs is the perfect way to keep your site up to date. How often you need to update your content will depend on the industry that you are in. If it is still getting fresh backlinks, then it may be seen as still timely. Just make sure you review your pages regularly and keep up to date with any industry news and changes.

4. Grammar and spelling should be perfect: 

Search engines will check your page content for any grammatical and spelling errors. Any errors will form part of an overall content quality score which will affect ranking positions. When possible always get someone else to double check the content you have written so that they can check for anything you may have missed.

5. Content should be engaging: 

You may not be a professional wordsmith but you should still be able to produce content that will grab your users’ attention, particularly if it’s related to the industry that you are in.  Keep them interested by following these basic rules.

  • Use headlines, images and facts to gain initial interest.
  • Think of what users would ask about your products and services and answer those questions.
  • The ’KISS’ principle is another good method. It stands for ‘keep it short & simple’. There is no need to produce heavy and repetitive content. Clear and concise is best.

6. Your content has to be better than your competitors: 

After evaluating your content in line with the points above, it is now time to make sure that your content is best! If you can be sure that your site is the best result that a searcher could find for a relevant search then you are going to gain the best rankings.

To help with this, check out competitor sites for your chosen search query and ask yourself “what is missing?” or “what content do they have that is getting shared on social media?” Then think about what they are doing that you could do better or what you can learn from their content.

If you can produce the best quality content you will have the best chance of high rankings which will result in more website traffic and ultimately more customers or conversions.

For further advice on creating great content, get in touch with us today.

Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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