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7 September 2022

Solar Panel Searches Up 334% on 2021

With the energy price cap expected to rise to rise again in October 2022, many are worried about their household finances and some are looking at new ways to save money on energy bills. 

The energy rise fueled by the aftermath of the pandemic and the move away from Russian oil is leading to inflation that’s putting a strain on many in the UK and worldwide. 

At Varn we were interested in the effect of the energy price rise on different search terms, so we used one of our favourite tools, Google Trends, to take a look. 

Searches for solar panels have gone through the roof 

The first big trend we came across was an increase in searches for solar panels which are up over 300% in 2021. The data shows that people in the UK are looking towards different solutions to secure their homes from the energy price rises and many have the goal of becoming energy independent. 

Solar panels are costly to install with the average installation costing £6,500, a price many households can’t afford, especially as there is an average of 12-18 years needed before the initial investment is recouped. 

Despite the initial upfront investment, demand for solar panels does seem to be increasing, which is reflected in the proprietary data from Google. 

Google Trends is a great tool which gives you some interesting topline data that can be used for commercial reasons to look at competitors or for research reasons when you are researching content for your website. 

Digging into the geographic data around the search term ‘solar panels’ revealed that Wales showed the highest search demand for solar panels followed by Scotland, then England and finally Northern Ireland. 

Get in touch with Varn to learn more about Google Trends 

We have a great article which explores the features of Google trends for your business looking at the example of global warming searches during the heatwave the UK experienced in July. 

If you want to learn more about Google Trends and how to leverage its insights in presentations, research projects, keyword research and more then get in touch with a member of the Varn team today. It’s a tool we use almost on a daily basis to get topline data for our search marketing campaigns and is very user-friendly.

Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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