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21 July 2022

“Global Warming” Searches Jump 533% in one week

Data from Google Trends suggests that searches within the UK for the search term global warming have jumped over 533% over the past week peaking as the UK experienced the hottest day on record on Tuesday the 19th of July. The hot weather and associated issues have been put forward as an example of the issues climate change may pose in the future if not properly tackled. 

The data shows the spike in awareness of climate change in the UK associated with the heat, showing that when extreme weather conditions do occur the public take interest and take to Google to dig out more information. 

Google Trends: A look at the analysis tool 

Google Trends is a very useful tool when it comes to topline analysis of markets, industries and high-volume search terms. It gives you access to a range of different data, allowing you to analyse your chosen search term on some of the following parameters: 

  • Country
  • Timeframe 
  • Categories 
  • Search type 

This is a useful tool for many different reasons, and as such Google trends has a lot of different use cases. 

At Varn we use it to investigate search trends and how they relate to current events in addition to analysis of new markets our clients may be looking to enter. It is also a good tool to use within your keyword research process as it gives you access to related search queries and topics that can give you more insight into the original data you were researching. 

Our look into search trends around the weather in the UK also uncovered a big 7-day increase in some other related terms, including a 500% increase in people asking the question “is global warming a myth?”. 

Google Trends is a free tool that anyone can use and has a lot of useful information on search term popularity which can feed into your marketing strategy and many other use cases. It offers limited future projections on search term popularity which would be a useful dataset for many. The tool also does not see too much development in terms of UI and features when compared to other tools within the Google suite. Another flaw is the lack of data for lower volume search terms which often provide little in the way of actual insights. 

Overall Google Trends is a good tool to use for those looking to investigate search trends across different queries and markets, and is a tool we love at Varn! 

Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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