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Tom Vaughton at Brighton SEO

April 2024

View Tom's Slides from Brighton SEO Below

Our CEO Tom Vaughton helped to kick off Brighton SEO, the world’s largest search marketing conference. On April 25th, Tom opened the latest Brighton SEO conference on the main stage, sharing a talk all about ‘the good, the bad and the ugly of SEO success’. With over 5000 attendees, digital marketeers flock to Brighton twice a year, for a 2-day global search marketing conference, which has the aim of helping search and digital marketers meet, learn, and do their jobs better. Tom is a regular speaker at Brighton SEO and after 24 years of working in search and digital marketing, Tom is frequently asked to share his ideas and thoughts on how search, Google, website visibility and SEO is evolving and impacting brands and businesses.

With more of us than ever before relying on the search engines, as well AI, voice search and social media as new ways to help us discover information, Tom explored in his talk what good SEO looks like for businesses. Tom revealed a note of caution in his talk, that if you’ve previously had good website search ranking results and your business revenue is going up, but you are unaware of what your market is doing, you may need to look thoroughly at your competition and the market size, because you may be slowly and unintentionally getting left behind. Tom also shared his insights about effective long term SEO success and the vital importance of staying ahead of what’s coming next in search, in order to avoid mediocre website ranking results.

View the slides from Tom’s talk here.

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