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11 tips that a trip to IKEA taught us about web marketing and SEO

What IKEA taught us about navigation IKEA stores are all huge, and yet they are easy to navigate around. Each section is clearly signposted and there are maps available to help direct you to where you need to go. This is essential in a virtual space as well as a physical space- if customers can’t […]

Do you really know what the purpose of your website is?

All too often we see websites that have been designed, built, and populated with content only to discover that the business wasn’t actually sure what the purpose of their website was, or what they wanted from it, before going through with a build. When launching a website, it’s important not to just launch one because […]

Things you need to think about when making your website responsive

An often quoted bit of industry research predicts that internet usage via mobile phones will overtake desktop usage in 2014. We are not far away from this becoming fact – in the UK, 25% of all web traffic comes from mobile-only users, while in developing countries it’s over 70%.

Top 10 tips to create a killer contact page

Your contact page is one of the most important pages on your site. In fact, when analysing client data, we often find that not only is it one of the top 10 landing pages but also usually visited at some point during a visitor’s journey through a site. Google’s own message on its support page is simple […]

Web design is dead long live web evolution

Essentially websites should be constantly evolving rather than ‘redesigned’ in the traditional sense, i.e. a one off project that sucks time and energy out of the client. The Usual Process The standard website redesign project involves a lengthy design process for every conceivable page template design where several rounds of iterations take place, with input […]