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3 Reasons Your Website Should Have A Blog Or News Area

Blogging has become an incredibly effective and cost-efficient tool for businesses over recent years. Having a blog allows you to connect with customers whilst also showing that you are an active and relevant figure within your industry. Here are the key benefits of having a blog for your business: It connects you to your customers Clients […]

How to grow your business online by predicting customer needs

It is easy to become overly focused on one aspect of your website – providing a conversion or sale. The immediate revenue generating aspect. Whilst this is obviously an extremely important function of your website, you will not necessarily be able to build your brand loyalty and increase the life-time value of each customer if […]

How to manually review your website before Google does

The general idea of the guidelines is to investigate page quality and assess whether needs are met for site visitors, if a site is considered non-compliant then it may be demoted or even removed from search results. There are some interesting benchmarks set for judgement within the stated criteria and it is worth looking at […]

Top 10 tips to create a killer contact page

Your contact page is one of the most important pages on your site. In fact, when analysing client data, we often find that not only is it one of the top 10 landing pages but also usually visited at some point during a visitor’s journey through a site. Google’s own message on its support page is simple […]

What important website information should you update during the Coronavirus pandemic for Google and users?

Key takeaways Edit information directly on your website, ensuring it covers changes to business operations due to COVID-19. Update contact information on Google My Business profiles, other online directories and Social platforms. Update structured data to reflect changes to events and product availability where applicable.   To find out more about how and why you […]