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How to create indexable links: Part 1 Internal Links

Search engines work by sending out robots/ crawlers/ spiders that endlessly visit webpages and then index or file bits of content for presenting to relevant queries in the search engine ranking pages (SERPs). The pathways they use for navigating the web are provided by links set up from one web page to another. One of […]

Things you need to think about when making your website responsive

An often quoted bit of industry research predicts that internet usage via mobile phones will overtake desktop usage in 2014. We are not far away from this becoming fact – in the UK, 25% of all web traffic comes from mobile-only users, while in developing countries it’s over 70%.

Why Mobile SEO is Vital and 5 Mistakes to Avoid

It’s widely predicted that searches on mobile devices will shortly outpace their deskbound wireline counterparts – probably by 2015. There is also evidence that people access websites through multiple devices – so consistency in experience is worth consideration for maintaining a positive perception of your brand.