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Boris Johnson, his dead cat, and great SEO

For those of you that follow politics, or the news for that matter, you would have seen that previously Boris Johnson and buses weren’t two things that were mentioned in a positive light together. Last week, in a surprising turn of events, Boris (or perhaps his campaign team) managed to change the search landscape almost […]

Can Google Crawl Content in Accordions for SEO?

What is Hidden Text? As mentioned above, there are several design features that are used to ‘hide’ text from the user on page load. For example, when shopping online via an e-commerce website, you’ll often see a limited range of products on one web page, followed by a ‘See More Products’ button. When a user […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 10: Content Marketing, Facebook Hashtags and Anchor Text

Content marketing only works for certain types of businesses  When discussing off-site content marketing with clients in the past, we’ve been met with a similar question time and time again. Do I really need to invest in content marketing for my type of business? A common misconception is that this type of search marketing can […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 8: Online Collaborations, Duplicate Content and When to Start SEO

Collaborating with other websites weakens your site’s SEO When it comes to online collaborations (authority links, social mentions, guest blog posts), it’s not always clear whether such activity is actually beneficial or detrimental to your website’s SEO efforts. Digital collaborations can potentially take visitors away from your site – but can it have a negative […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 9: Submitting Your Website to Google, Social Media and Algorithm Updates

Always make sure you submit your website to search engines If you’ve recently launched a new website or made a lot of changes to an existing site, you’ve probably been advised to submit the site in question to Google. After all, that’s the only way they’ll be made aware of your new site / new content, […]

Coronavirus and digital marketing: how to make it through to the other side

Some businesses are booming as a result of coronavirus including large supermarkets, Amazon, and Netflix (who are now expecting huge year-on-year growth). Unfortunately, others are not. Department stores such as John Lewis drastically reduced marketing spend at the start of the UK lockdown and re-distributed some partners to Waitrose stores to help on the front-line, […]

Do you really know what the purpose of your website is?

All too often we see websites that have been designed, built, and populated with content only to discover that the business wasn’t actually sure what the purpose of their website was, or what they wanted from it, before going through with a build. When launching a website, it’s important not to just launch one because […]

Don’t waste your time and money on broad keyword targeting – it is not as important as you think

When optimising websites for keyword ranking, it is so easy to get drawn down the broad keyword targeting route. One of the main reasons for this is big holes in the data that is available from Google and other search engines. You see that a broad but relevant term for your site has a relatively […]