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3 tips to help you prepare for the impact of voice search on SEO

That said, the impact that voice search has on your website and rankings will completely depend on your industry, so there is no need to panic as long as you continue to monitor your analytics data and search trends closely. Voice search is not necessarily a direct replacement for desktop search; there are still plenty […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 4: Disavowing Backlinks, Outbound Links and Ads Bidding

Disavowing Backlinks is a Waste of Time If you’re not familiar with Google’s Disavow Tool (within Google Search Console), then you may not know its purpose. The primary role of this tool is to allow webmasters to submit a list of any low-quality links they have pointing to a website, which they believe are harming their […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 8: Online Collaborations, Duplicate Content and When to Start SEO

Collaborating with other websites weakens your site’s SEO When it comes to online collaborations (authority links, social mentions, guest blog posts), it’s not always clear whether such activity is actually beneficial or detrimental to your website’s SEO efforts. Digital collaborations can potentially take visitors away from your site – but can it have a negative […]