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Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 5: Keyword Targeting, Guest Blogging and Changing Domain

Keyword Targeting is No Longer Relevant Following the release of the Google Hummingbird update in 2013, SEOs started to pay less attention to target keywords and more on high quality, valuable content. Moz even ran a survey back in June of 2013 which concluded that less than 15% of your ranking score is determined by […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 6: How PPC Affects Organic Search, the Death of Bing and More

Paying for PPC affects my organic position A common myth within the SEO community is that paid advertising has a direct impact on organic rankings. Many believe that search engines such as Google secretly reward users who pay for advertising by also boosting their organic results. However, Google, Bing and other search engines have purposefully […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 8: Online Collaborations, Duplicate Content and When to Start SEO

Collaborating with other websites weakens your site’s SEO When it comes to online collaborations (authority links, social mentions, guest blog posts), it’s not always clear whether such activity is actually beneficial or detrimental to your website’s SEO efforts. Digital collaborations can potentially take visitors away from your site – but can it have a negative […]

Google Analytics, Google Images and the Referral Source URL

Recent research undertaken by Google (https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub36300) into how children use search engines identified several search roles that children display when searching for information on the web. One of these ‘personas’ was ‘Visual Searcher’, where the child relied on image search to find the answers to questions they were asked. And although the study only used […]

Google announces update to mobile search ranking signals

After announcing last year that mobile search has overtaken desktop, Google have now taken further steps to ensure a focus on mobile-friendly sites for those searching via mobile. While they have used responsiveness as a ranking signal on mobile searches since last year, from May they will be rolling out another update to increase the […]

Google Search Console: The Latest Version and 10 Things You Should Be Looking At

Having a Google Search Console account for your website is imperative. It is your opportunity to communicate directly with Google, where it is estimated that 70%+ of website searches start from. It is also the best place to start to get an accurate picture of not only how your website performs in search but any […]