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58.1% of people don’t know which links on Google are ads: is Google making ads less clear?

Google began rolling out a desktop search redesign in 2019 after trailing this on mobile for several months, complete with changes to how ads are displayed. In our latest survey, just over 58% of users claimed that they didn’t know which links within the Google search pages were ads, leading us to wonder whether ads […]

Can You Trust Social Media Profiles? How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Targeting

Why Facebook users can’t be trusted In 2016 Facebook came under fire in the US because the social network was reporting one core target group at a level that was seemingly incorrect.  Analyst Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group complained that within the Ads Manager, Facebook was listing the number of 18 to 24-year-old Facebook […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 4: Disavowing Backlinks, Outbound Links and Ads Bidding

Disavowing Backlinks is a Waste of Time If you’re not familiar with Google’s Disavow Tool (within Google Search Console), then you may not know its purpose. The primary role of this tool is to allow webmasters to submit a list of any low-quality links they have pointing to a website, which they believe are harming their […]

Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 6: How PPC Affects Organic Search, the Death of Bing and More

Paying for PPC affects my organic position A common myth within the SEO community is that paid advertising has a direct impact on organic rankings. Many believe that search engines such as Google secretly reward users who pay for advertising by also boosting their organic results. However, Google, Bing and other search engines have purposefully […]

How Twitter Advertising can work for your business

As more companies use their marketing spend on social media, there will be an increasing need to quantify results. This is something Twitter has already addressed on its advertising platform. We recently joined a #TwitterAcademy webinar by Brian Lavery called #HitYourGoals where we were able to gain an insight into how Twitter’s advertising platform is […]

Perform better with search marketing workshops from Varn

Over the years we have given individual clients training, enabling their in-house marketing teams to enhance their current knowledge or to harness skills that they haven’t already got. Not only does this give them the opportunity to upskill their teams and grow their business, but it also allows them to understand the work we do […]