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Creating a Low-risk, High-value Strategy Using Affiliate Marketing

According to Adam Weiss (the General Manager & Sr. vice president of Rakuten Affiliate Network), affiliate marketing is a low-risk, high-value strategy that has been proven to generate sales and brand awareness for the advertisers while generating revenue for the publishers. Mr. Weiss stated that, when affiliate marketing is done right, it can create mutually […]

Google Search Console: The Latest Version and 10 Things You Should Be Looking At

Having a Google Search Console account for your website is imperative. It is your opportunity to communicate directly with Google, where it is estimated that 70%+ of website searches start from. It is also the best place to start to get an accurate picture of not only how your website performs in search but any […]

Would Your Company Benefit From a Wikipedia Page and How To Get One

We have all seen Wikipedia at the top of our search results. It appears in the number one organic listing spot for around 56% of search terms – higher if you were to remove transactional queries. Even for one-word search queries research suggests Wikipedia pages appear on the first page 8 out of 10 times. […]