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Exploring the New Google Search Console

When you first visit the new Google Search Console platform, you’re presented with an overview on Performance, Index Coverage and Enhancements – This is very similar to the existing GSC Dashboard, except it’s not at all clear where to access your messages, how to navigate to other areas of the console, and the overview of […]

Google Search Console: The Latest Version and 10 Things You Should Be Looking At

Having a Google Search Console account for your website is imperative. It is your opportunity to communicate directly with Google, where it is estimated that 70%+ of website searches start from. It is also the best place to start to get an accurate picture of not only how your website performs in search but any […]

New Features in Google Search Console

Google Search Console has long been an important tool for any SEO or site owner, helping users to monitor traffic, rankings and search queries, identify crawling, index and usability errors, and view their site through Google’s eyes. The new Search Console is currently in the beta stage as Google continue to redesign and streamline their product. […]