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Google Analytics, Google Images and the Referral Source URL

Recent research undertaken by Google (https://ai.google/research/pubs/pub36300) into how children use search engines identified several search roles that children display when searching for information on the web. One of these ‘personas’ was ‘Visual Searcher’, where the child relied on image search to find the answers to questions they were asked. And although the study only used […]

How Analytics can help improve your website conversion rate

  First of all – you will need a Google account to access this software. The software performs a raft of analytical functions that if acted on, can transform the way you present your website. It’s had great success reported for those willing to mould their website on recommendations based around the reality of the […]

How to get the most out of Google Analytics

What makes a website successful? How can we assess the performance of a website? How can we identify areas that need improvement? Running and maintaining any successful website requires constant analysis of its performance in order to make well-informed improvements. Google Analytics allows us to capture data from our website, tracking a vast array of […]

If you are in B2B and only try one free software trial for the next six months we recommend you try this one.

By combining your sales and marketing data, Leedfeeder enables you to monitor existing customers as well as discovering new ones- when a lead revisits the site your CRM is automatically updated, and if you are targeting a specific company you can get email alerts when they land on your website. Leedfeeder also tracks the pages […]

If You Use WordPress, You May Need To Update Your Conversion Tracking. Here’s Why…

What Did This Tracking Do? Known as ‘on_sent’ tracking, this snippet would automatically execute a JavaScript code upon the successful submission of a form. This could be used to fire an Event within Google Analytics which could subsequently be tracked as a goal; it could alternatively be used to redirect users to a Thank You […]

Learn the skills you and your team need to drive your business forward with our search marketing workshops

Recently, the team at Varn have noticed a rise in demand for training around certain areas of digital marketing and SEO. Whilst much of this demand has come from clients or potential clients who are looking to upskill their staff or get a better knowledge of these areas, this demand has also come from us […]