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Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 4: Disavowing Backlinks, Outbound Links and Ads Bidding

Disavowing Backlinks is a Waste of Time If you’re not familiar with Google’s Disavow Tool (within Google Search Console), then you may not know its purpose. The primary role of this tool is to allow webmasters to submit a list of any low-quality links they have pointing to a website, which they believe are harming their […]

How to measure your ROI from a Google AdWords campaign

  ROI is a good metric to use as it measures profits made in relation to capital invested and therefore the efficiency of your investment. You can then compare the ROI of this campaign with that of other online or offline campaigns and decide where your money will work harder in future.

VARN Original Research: You Won’t Believe How Many People Don’t Recognise Paid Ads in Google.

The fourth in a range of original surveys, the survey was based on independent research first carried out in February 2016, when we were surprised to find that 50% of the 1,010 UK based respondents surveyed could not tell the difference between paid Ads and the naturally selected best-match organic results shown by Google. The […]