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58.1% of people don’t know which links on Google are ads: is Google making ads less clear?

Google began rolling out a desktop search redesign in 2019 after trailing this on mobile for several months, complete with changes to how ads are displayed. In our latest survey, just over 58% of users claimed that they didn’t know which links within the Google search pages were ads, leading us to wonder whether ads […]

Google launches Think With Google: Rising Retail Categories

Earlier this month, Google announced the launch of a new tool on Think With Google: Rising Retail Categories. This comes at a time when searches for flour, baking utensils, board games and face masks are at an all time high. As more people are now searching online due to being at home more, Google saw an […]

Learn the skills you and your team need to drive your business forward with our search marketing workshops

Recently, the team at Varn have noticed a rise in demand for training around certain areas of digital marketing and SEO. Whilst much of this demand has come from clients or potential clients who are looking to upskill their staff or get a better knowledge of these areas, this demand has also come from us […]

Varn Original Research: 35.1% of users recognise ads on Google but don’t click on them

You can read our latest research here.  In July, we asked users the question “Do you know which links on the Google search results page are paid adverts?” Looking at the stats closer, we saw that just over 35% of UK respondents do recognise these ads but choose not to click on them, whilst just […]

Varn Original Research: Only 40% of people know which links on Google are paid adverts

Since our first survey in 2016, the amount of people who are unable to identify adverts on Google hasn’t really changed. In fact, over the past few years, the percentage of those surveyed who are not aware of the paid adverts on Google has stayed at just under 60%. What has changed though, is the […]