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10 essential long-term SEO wins to help give your website a shot in the arm

Compared to other digital marketing methods, such as pay-per-click marketing, SEO is a longer-term strategy. Search engine optimisation is a blend of many components, each of which take their own length of time and all of which contribute to great online performance. Short-term quick wins are often seen as the ones to get, but here […]

Coronavirus and digital marketing: how to make it through to the other side

Some businesses are booming as a result of coronavirus including large supermarkets, Amazon, and Netflix (who are now expecting huge year-on-year growth). Unfortunately, others are not. Department stores such as John Lewis drastically reduced marketing spend at the start of the UK lockdown and re-distributed some partners to Waitrose stores to help on the front-line, […]

Do you really know what the purpose of your website is?

All too often we see websites that have been designed, built, and populated with content only to discover that the business wasn’t actually sure what the purpose of their website was, or what they wanted from it, before going through with a build. When launching a website, it’s important not to just launch one because […]

Don’t waste your time and money on broad keyword targeting – it is not as important as you think

When optimising websites for keyword ranking, it is so easy to get drawn down the broad keyword targeting route. One of the main reasons for this is big holes in the data that is available from Google and other search engines. You see that a broad but relevant term for your site has a relatively […]

Google launches Think With Google: Rising Retail Categories

Earlier this month, Google announced the launch of a new tool on Think With Google: Rising Retail Categories. This comes at a time when searches for flour, baking utensils, board games and face masks are at an all time high. As more people are now searching online due to being at home more, Google saw an […]

Google’s new feature informs users when their search query does not return relevant results

Google has started to roll out a new update to its search results pages in the US, displaying a message to users to notify them when it is unable to provide high-quality search results which are relevant to their search query. Google works hard to provide the best search experience for its users, constantly updating […]

Introducing Facebook Shops: a new way to buy and sell

Many businesses are now looking towards digital methods as a way of keeping their business afloat and reaching new customers, Facebook has been keeping up with this trend and has been creating new tools to support businesses who are using Facebook to reach customers. In their latest bid to help businesses strengthen their digital presence, […]

Learn the skills you and your team need to drive your business forward with our search marketing workshops

Recently, the team at Varn have noticed a rise in demand for training around certain areas of digital marketing and SEO. Whilst much of this demand has come from clients or potential clients who are looking to upskill their staff or get a better knowledge of these areas, this demand has also come from us […]

Third-party cookies are dead. How will your online marketing survive?

Within the next 2 years, third party cookies will be a thing of the past Third party cookies are cookies sent from sites other than the one you’re visiting, which are generated by advertisers to help with user behaviour tracking and online advertising. Web browsers such as Firefox and Safari already block third party cookies […]

What are backlinks and why are they important for your website performance?

Link building refers to the process of encouraging other people to add a link to your website, within their own online content. Also known as Backlinks, they offer a useful way for users to navigate between pages on the internet, helping you find additional information to that provided by the host website. In this blog, […]