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How to measure your ROI from a Google AdWords campaign

  ROI is a good metric to use as it measures profits made in relation to capital invested and therefore the efficiency of your investment. You can then compare the ROI of this campaign with that of other online or offline campaigns and decide where your money will work harder in future.

How Twitter Advertising can work for your business

As more companies use their marketing spend on social media, there will be an increasing need to quantify results. This is something Twitter has already addressed on its advertising platform. We recently joined a #TwitterAcademy webinar by Brian Lavery called #HitYourGoals where we were able to gain an insight into how Twitter’s advertising platform is […]

If You Use WordPress, You May Need To Update Your Conversion Tracking. Here’s Why…

What Did This Tracking Do? Known as ‘on_sent’ tracking, this snippet would automatically execute a JavaScript code upon the successful submission of a form. This could be used to fire an Event within Google Analytics which could subsequently be tracked as a goal; it could alternatively be used to redirect users to a Thank You […]