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A new website is the perfect opportunity to improve search engine rankings and to increase online conversions and brand awareness.


It is vital to be aware that a new website launch can often lead to a drop in rankings performance if done incorrectly. Varn can help make sure your website performance is protected and improved upon with our website go-live SEO support packages. The Website Launch SEO support packages available from our experts at Varn can vary, depending on whether you have an existing website, the size of your new site and your SEO requirements.

Here are some examples of the level of investment typically required to protect your website from a drop in rankings:


Website Launch SEO Packages for Go-Live by Varn

Looking For SEO Help Alongside The Launch Of Your New Website?

Launching a new website is a great opportunity to grow your business and enhance your online presence. It can also be a risky time if the new website is not launched properly from an SEO perspective.

A new website that is launched without sufficient SEO insight and support will see a drop in performance, whilst also being a missed opportunity to drive more traffic / business. It is much more cost effective to get the SEO correct at pre and go-live stages, rather than have to retro fit the SEO work and try and recover lost rankings, traffic and enquiries / sales.

We can work with you to make sure that your current performance and rankings are protected, and to help you build on that success. Agencies often talk about the expected ‘drop’ in traffic / performance when a new website goes live but this shouldn’t be the case, unless losing traffic was part of your strategy.

SEO Consultancy Option

If none of the options above fit your requirements, one of our expert SEO team can meet with you to discuss what you need to achieve. We can then take a look at your new development site before making recommendations / changes where possible during the meeting. We can also allow for additional time for SEO training, depending on the budget available.


Take a closer look at the packages available by downloading our New Website SEO Support PDF. Alternatively, if you would like more information on the SEO services available or have a question about our packages, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

New Website SEO Support Process

  • Pre-Launch Performance Review
  • Pre-Launch Development Site Review
  • Pre-Launch SEO Review
  • At Launch Checks

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