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SEO & Digital Marketing Training

Bespoke training sessions
At the Varn Woodland Office

SEO & Digital Marketing Training

We design your business bespoke training courses to demystify SEO, search & digital marketing.


The rapidly evolving world of websites, SEO and paid search can appear daunting. It is often shrouded by strange terminology, technical know-how and numerous software systems.

We create bespoke training courses, hosted in our wonderful woodland office, to bring you and your marketing team up-to-speed with the latest search marketing thinking as well as build skills and confidence as a digital marketing professional.

Want to get SEO savvy with our bespoke training courses?

SEO, search marketing, Google Analytics 4 and paid media training at the Varn Woodland Office

We create bespoke training courses for you and your team. Upskill in SEO, digital marketing, AI & data analytics, paid media and all things search marketing.


Our training courses will typically consist of the following phases >>


Phase 1

We conduct a bespoke mini SEO audit on your website. This includes analysis of different elements within your website, external factors and – also importantly – your competitor’s websites. On completion of the SEO audit, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how your website currently performs and what needs to be done to improve rankings and for your share of traffic and relevant visitors from search engines to increase.

Phase 2

We create a unique training session for you and your team, to introduce SEO, search & digital marketing and work through some of the recommendations from the audit. As part of the training we will aim to understand your digital maturity as a company and then run a full training session on SEO looking at the following areas >>


What is

We work with closely with you to understand your training needs, designing courses that are tailored to you and your team to ensure the knowledge and skills will focus on how best to add value to your business.

Why use

We explain the main benefits of optimising your website for organic search, from outstripping the competition to improving user experience.


We take a look at the varied opportunities for websites to show on Search Engine Results Pages, and how these can translate into high-quality website traffic.

How Search
Engines Work

We explain the process used by search engines like Google to crawl, index and rank web pages. Understanding these core principles is the foundation to building a competition-beating SEO strategy.

On Page SEO

We review best practice guidelines and practical, implementable advice for improving a website for organic search. We cover information architecture, keyword use, content, coding, internal links, URL structure, redirects, metadata, imagery, mobile optimisation, and site speed – all important factors used by search engines to judge websites.

Off-Page SEO

We reveal a range of strategies for improving off-page SEO, including tactics for building links to increase your site’s Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Domain Authority.

Phase 3

Varn will offer SEO Consultancy to then support you and your team in the delivery of any actions highlighted in the bespoke audit.We have come across most of the issues that hold businesses back online and developed the know-how to fix them. Working with us will ensure you have a strong SEO/search and digital strategy in place, with clear goals that are achievable to get you to where you want to be, based on our findings from your audit. This is all done whilst simultaneously supporting you and your team with the SEO training needed.


What do our clients say about Varn SEO Training Courses?

Our expert team has produced bespoke training courses for a whole range of clients from small local businesses, to global healthcare and publishing businesses.

In each scenario, the course content has been curated to be specific to the client, their website and SEO challenges and their team’s training needs and requirements.

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The Varn Woodland Office

We look to bring a positive contribution to our community and the planet. As well as using 100% renewable electricity, recycling whatever we can, we also positively offset our business and staff commute carbon footprint through buying, planting and managing our very own Varn woodland.


This innovative and creative outdoor workspace is set in the middle of the Varn woodland in Bradford on Avon, and focuses on promoting employee wellbeing, celebrating the natural world and as well as offsetting our carbon footprint many times over. Come along to the woods and enjoy a training course in a magical and inspiring outdoor setting.

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