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Tap into the invaluable skills in SEO, search and digital marketing with SEO Consultancy from Varn.


We have come across most of the issues that hold businesses back online and developed the know-how to fix them. For businesses that don’t have the skills or knowledge to overcome SEO and search marketing issues in-house, working with us will ensure you have a strong SEO/search and digital strategy in place, with clear goals that are achievable to get you to where you want to be.

Our SEO knowledge

You might be launching a new product or website, experiencing traffic problems, expanding into international SEO, not sure how to increase online revenue, getting negative brand mentions online, worried about competitor growth or simply wanting to sense check your recent activity.

We know how to help because our expert team is always up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithm updates, Google’s best practises, Goggle Analytics 4 (GA4) and data studio reporting, social media opportunities and new or expanding platforms. We have invested in the tools and access to industry data that businesses often lack, so we can make informed decisions and find out what your competitors are doing or where your market is going.


Our SEO results

We understand that search marketing is a big investment for a lot of businesses, one that needs to be justified. We will deliver a return that makes a real difference to your bottom line. There are lots of happy Varn clients who will vouch for the positive results they have seen and the ROI from our SEO work.

Working with a reliable SEO Consultant is often more cost effective than hiring a full-time employee. All our consultancy work is quoted for by the hour on a project by project basis so you can control the amount you invest.

Our aim is not only to provide expert advice but also to give you an achievable set of goals to take-away and the ability to measure any outcomes accurately.

Would your business benefit from SEO Consultancy?

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Let us help upskill your team, with our range of SEO and digital marketing training courses.

Upcoming SEO Courses

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