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Paid Search Management: How to win profitable customers

We understand how people use search engines and social media to buy products and services, find information, connect and spend their time, so we can make sure that your brand has the right digital marketing strategy in place to connect with potential customers at various touch points in their day to day interactions, information retrieval or buying journey. 

Online visibility across multiple channels is the key for successful e-commerce in today’s competitive and time focused digital marketplace. Creating awareness for a product or brand whilst a potential customer is on a favourite app or social media platform, consistently repeating this message and having a prime shopping spot or top of page visibility in the search engine results pages when relevant search terms are being queried will make sure you are connecting with more customers or visitors than your competitors.


Do you need a Paid Search expert to optimise your Google, Bing, YouTube & social media marketing?

For search engine and social media marketing, paying for your ad or marketing message to be shown in a strong position on a relevant results page or social media account is the quickest method of gaining this targeted visibility. And also the most cost efficient as all platforms run on a cost per click or cost per view basis – you only pay for an active interest in your ad. 

We will manage the whole process from cross media strategy, creating adverts and suggesting keywords to monitoring your KPIs  and improving campaign efficiency so that we deliver the results that you are hoping to achieve for your business.

Why choose Varn for Paid Search & Paid Social Media

Varn is proud to be a Google and Microsoft Partner for the management of PPC Services.

These important accreditations means we’re recognised for providing exemplary service and value to our clients by:

> Controlling a high level of media spend across our managed accounts.

> Exceeding performance requirements by delivering solid revenue growth and campaign results.

> Taking advantage of the latest channels and tools available across Search, Display, Shopping and Video.

We also get access to the latest insights available and official Google ads account representatives who suggest optimisations and beta features that might be relevant.


“Building profitable

paid search & social,

Google shopping &

Performance Max campaigns”


How can Varn help you with Paid Search Management?

Varn is an experienced Paid Search (sometimes referred to as PPC) Agency with a team of highly skilled paid marketing strategists who use data-driven insights, alongside experience of the various ad and bidding strategies, to build profitable paid search, paid social, google shopping and performance max campaigns.

We will work with you to design and build creative campaigns across paid search, social, display & video channels to deliver the best possible outcome for your business.  With our team having experience working across a wide range of industries we are able to develop ad strategies and creatives that work no matter the sector.

You can expect transparent and useful reporting on the results of the campaigns from your dedicated account handler, along with regular recommendations for improvements and optimisations. 

The team is also on hand to solve any of the technical issues that are often experienced on the myriad of platforms and ad serving software, and ensure that you are tracking the best conversion actions for your KPIs and these are set up and firing correctly.

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Paid Media Agency Services

Google Performance Max

The newest and most demanding of Google campaign types. More automation yet less competitive advantage – it is a hard strategy to get right. But also gives you visibility across multiple google platforms including shopping, search, youtube, gmail & discovery.

Audience Building

With nearly 67 million people actively using the internet every month in the UK you need to be giving google & bing a strong steer on who would have the best potential outcome for your ad.



How to use your existing website traffic to the best of your advantage.

Search Ads

We have years of experience using a combination of data and creativity to gain increased visibility and more sales at a profitable ROI or CPA and lowest cost per click.


Display Advertising

Strategic online ad placements on the display network can deliver the awareness campaigns that are still important at various touch points in a buying journey.

Paid Social

Interacting with consumers on their leisure and social networks can be expensive and tricky to get right, but the potential to reach a bigger relevant audience is huge.

Feed Optimisations

The link between your CMS product feed and merchant centre is an essential one for shopping campaigns. There are many specialised techniques that can be employed to increase the efficiency of shopping campaigns before they are even set up in Google or Bing ads platforms.

Conversion Rate and Landing Page Optimisation

A great ad campaign can send loads of high quality traffic to your site, but if the landing page is not doing its job and conversion rates are low the campaign will falter and become non-profitable.

PPC Audits & Consultancy

Have a highly experienced account executive produce a full report on the efficiency of your paid advertising strategy and technical set up.

Looking for experts in Paid Search?

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC or pay-per-click describes a type of online advertising that is available on most digital platforms, essentially you are buying traffic to your website. The advertiser pays a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on, rather than a set fee or number of times the ad was viewed or interacted with in any other way.  

PPC – like all marketing – can help attract new customers and grow your business. This form of marketing is highly effective as you have a certain amount of control over the audience targeting for your ad and  responders will land directly on one of your webs pages. You are able to advertise your product or service to the right people at the right time and avoid wasting ad spend on blanket coverage campaigns.

There is a lot of useful information on the internet and you can take time to research and set up your own PPC campaigns – most of the platforms are user friendly and come with internal support teams as well. The simpler your marketing needs or KPIs the easier it will be. If you have a few well defined products or services in a lucrative but not very competitive marketplace it should be easy enough to set up an automated PPC campaign on any of the main platforms. However it’s much harder to get good results from your spend if you have competitors bidding against you, and not much time.

An effective PPC campaign requires constant attention to improve the quality of the targeting, bidding, ad strength, landing page experience, budget control and conversion rate optimisation. An experienced PPC manager will be able to get better and more cost effective results for you.

Digital advertising KPIs are measurable values used to track whether an ad campaign is achieving its goal or objective. What KPIs you choose to track will therefore depend on your overall objective for advertising. 

For example, if your objective is to increase traffic to your site from a set monthly budget then your KPIs could be number of impressions, click through rate, clicks, cost per click and impression share. If your objective is sales of a product or range of products then your KPIs could be conversion rate, return on investment, cost per acquisition and return on advertising spend.

One of the most important aspects of setting up and running an effective PPC campaign is measuring success through conversion actions. A conversion action is something specific a user does that you have defined as valuable to your business – like making a call, buying a product or signing up to an email newsletter. If you are tracking the right conversion actions you can measure how your ads are working in producing those actions, and make amendments to those campaigns to improve results.

If you do not have enough conversion actions, or have not set them up properly, then your campaign performance will be hampered as they are simply not getting the right kind of feedback on success for positive changes to be made.

PPC ads run on a large variety of digital platforms and which ones you choose to advertise on will depend on your products or service, target market, budget and KPIs.  We manage PPC advertising for our clients on search engines like Google and Bing, social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, video platforms like YouTube and marketplaces like Amazon. 

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