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Off-Page SEO

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What is Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation?

Off-page SEO is about building your digital footprint through a tactical approach that improves your ability to rank in search engines. This requires a strategy to build quality links to your website and optimising search rankings for your business. Off-page SEO covers links, brand mentions, and content, and Varn is an agency with extensive off-page SEO experience. 

If technical SEO is the engine, then the off-page SEO is the fuel to get you ahead of the competition. One of the core elements of off-page SEO is links to your website. This is where another website has linked to your website. Google uses these links as indicators of votes, which represent the quality of a website and this makes links one of the core ranking factors in the Google algorithm.


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Why choose Varn for Off-Page SEO

We have been running outreach campaigns for clients that get results for over 15 years. We focus on delivering ROI and progress towards your business critical goals. Our off-page SEO efforts support the organic growth of your company over the long term, to drive sustainable increases in website traffic, rankings and revenue for your business.

With our expert team working across multiple sectors, we offer outreach, digital PR and campaign building experience ranging from SaaS clients, ecommerce and consumer brands as well as B2B, healthcare and complex publishing companies.


“It’s great working with the Varn team on creative campaigns that get results for Paper Bag Co. We have increased our link coverage and rankings consistently over the long term.”


Jon Marling – Paper Bag Co Founder & Director


Off-Page SEO Tactics

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How our SEO agency can help with your Off-Page SEO

Building up a solid external profile of good quality links referencing your site is beneficial in improving your organic search rankings, and our off-page SEO team will create and optimise brand-building awareness & activity on external sites that contain references to your site. This consists of looking at backlink activity on external sites, such as links to your publications, press releases or research. Ideally these will have links directly to your site, with relevant anchor text.

Data led content creation and outreach is also a key tactic we will use to drive awareness and links for your campaigns. We will work alongside you optimise and promote your current content, exploring opportunities with relevant publications and new touchpoints, to engage potential audiences with your brand messaging. This often involves unique and creative ways of getting high quality links back to your website.

Varn provides an expert off-page SEO team who will explore and uncover opportunities which will have the biggest impact for your business, providing support in obtaining further high quality backlinks.

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Increase in top 3 rankings for target landing pages.
Links driven to the target landing pages for Paper Bag Co.
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increase in impressions for target off-page SEO landing pages.

Our Off-Page SEO Case Studies

Paper Bag Co


Paper Bag Co is the UK’s largest supplier of eco-friendly and sustainable e-commerce and wider business packaging. Paper bags are one of their core offerings, so in 2022 and 2023, we helped them to develop the ‘Festival Bag‘ a bag for festival goers and camping enthusiasts with everything you need to have the perfect sustainable festival experience. We assisted through the product development process and once created, started to send out the bags to journalists and bloggers who would be interested in covering.

The key goal was to keep them in the top 2 positions for the competitive search term ‘paper bags’ which we achieved. Some of the best link coverage included a write-up from Sustainable Packaging News, a dedicated feature on BoomTown Fair’s website as well as 30 links across festival blogger websites like Where’s My Tent


Woolacombe Bay

Woolacombe Bay are one of the largest holiday park providers in the South West of England and in early 2023 we ran a campaign looking at some of the best-reviewed beaches in Devon ranked by the total number of 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor. The goal was to support their rankings broadly but also to increase their positions for the high-volume terms ‘holiday parks’ and ‘caravan parks’.

After the curation of the data and the outreach, we were able to attain coverage in Devon Live, Birmingham Live and the Sun in addition to numerous mentions in local blogs and smaller regional publications. Their ranking for the term ‘caravan parks’ went from 45th to 8th (on the first page of Google) and has had a very positive effect on their organic traffic with the target landing page seeing a 308% rise in ranking keywords prior to and after the campaign.

Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing is the original sustainable clothing brand in the UK, we have been working with them over the years to improve their organic traffic and revenue through both technical and off-page SEO content strategies and in 2022 we conducted a survey asking the UK public the question “do you like Black Friday”. The results showed that under a third of respondents actually liked the sale period, this tied in well with the client’s ‘Thoughtful Friday’ campaign which promoted a more sustainable approach to the sale.

Once the survey write-up was live and on the site, we worked with journalists on editorial and sent out the survey to various media lists with pick-ups in some top publications including Edie, Internet Retailing and Euronewsweek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Off-page SEO is important because search engines consider factors beyond your website’s content and structure when ranking it. Links are one of the key factors in Google and other search engines’ algorithms and can enhance your website’s credibility, increase its visibility in search results, and ultimately drive more organic traffic.

Yes, guest blogging can still be effective if done right. Focus on providing high-quality, informative content to relevant websites in your industry. Guest blogging should not be solely for link building; it should also aim to establish your expertise and build relationships.

Track metrics like organic search traffic, the number of quality backlinks earned, social media engagement, and improvements in search engine rankings for targeted keywords. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and third-party SEO tools can help with measurement.

Yes, the number of links can matter in SEO, but it’s important to emphasize that quality and relevance are far more crucial than sheer quantity. In the past, the number of backlinks was considered a significant factor in determining a website’s authority and ranking potential. However, as algorithms have gotten more sophisticated, a focus on quality over quantity has come in for SEO agencies.

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