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The Service

Email marketing can be one of the best ways of marketing to your contacts and attracting them to your website. When done correctly it can be very effective at converting past visitors and clients into new business.

A direct email marketing campaign increases brand loyalty and allows you to talk to customers regularly in a personal, friendly way. We can streamline your online marketing campaign, by designing an e-newsletter which matches your website and brand’s personality.

What We Do

Email marketing is efficient, cost effective, with great chance of ROI

Targeted email marketing generates qualified leads for your business, and allows you to build and maintain an on-going relationship with your customers. We have access to mailing lists relevant to your industry and customers, so you can deliver your brand’s message to your target market. We provide an ever-expanding database of prospective customers.

Tracked results for complete email campaign management

Email marketing not only increases and reaffirms brand awareness, but also creates traceable conversations. Discover how many people opened, read and clicked through your email. Detailed reports allow you to tweak your campaigns so you can improve every time.

Four Tips

  • Personalise your message – a bit of personalisation does boost response rates. Try segmenting your email lists around post codes/geographies/ages/genders thereby demonstrating to them that you really know, respect and care about them.
  • Write in an approachable, personal manner – too often impersonal and formal emails are received. Email gives us a rare chance to have one on one conversations quickly with a huge amount of people. Give your next campaign a human element by speaking to them in an approachable, conversational tone.
  • Sending timely and targeted follow ups – the time and day that you send your email can dramatically effect read rates – make sure you get this correct.
  • Power of landing pages – email is a front door to other things. Sending the recipient to customised landing pages that are targeted will always increase conversion and acquisition.

Proven results and passionate about performance

Varn have delivered a fantastic website which we can use to expand our business. They quickly understood the ‘property search’ functionality that we needed to build into our site and the results look great, giving us a new platform on which to effectively promote our services
Alistair Colston, Partner
Colston and Colston Chartered Surveyors
Over many years Varn have kept a daily watch on our web presence, constantly tweaking and updating to keep us up to date and ahead of the competition
Dan Collins, Founder
Fresh Tracks

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