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The Service

Here at Varn, we specialise in website design and Search Engine Optimisation, as well as statistical monitoring and reporting. By looking into the statistics behind your website traffic, we can help tailor your online and offline marketing campaigns so that you can improve the performance of your website. Our Analytics staff are Google Analytics Qualified with several years’ experience in statistical analysis.

What We Do

There are hundreds of online tools that let you analyse your website’s traffic but it can be hard to dig down to the important stats so that you can implement changes to your website that improve its conversion rate and Google ranking.

One of the main tools we use for statistical analysis is Google Analytics.  By using Analytics, we can explore a vast range of information about your website visitors, site content and more. Having such an in-depth view of your web stats helps us make a variety of tailored recommendations so that changes can be implemented within your website to help improve conversion rates and Google ranking.

Implementing and optimising Google Analytics

It’s crucial to ensure your analytics package is correctly implemented, but knowing how to extract and use the information it contains is just as important. At Varn we can:

The Data

  • Traffic levels – Includes a wide range of statistics about your website visitors – how many there are, how long they spent on your website, which country they came from and more.
  • Keyword focus – We can find out the best performing keywords being used by people finding your website via organic and paid searches.
  • Conversion tracking – We are able to find out a wealth of information on visitors who complete a conversion. This can include people who complete a contact form within your website, who purchase an item from your shop and more.
  • Measure ROI – Google Analytics helps us directly measure return on investment for online and offline marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Proven results and passionate about performance

Varn bring a wealth of online, email and social media marketing expertise to our projects. A professional in the ‘web world’ who can speak our language and still deliver excellent results is a rare find
Phil Dent, CEO
The Progression Trust
Varn are great to work with and understand the importance of making sure that a company’s website and online marketing plan not only improves search engine rankings but more importantly increases ROI
Jon Marling, Owner
Paper Bag Co

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