Conversion Rate Optimisation with Proven Results

The Service

Your website is there for a reason. It might exist so that people can find out more information about your company or service (brochure website), so someone can buy products you sell (e-commerce website) or so clients can download information or network with you (interactive website).

Whatever the reason, your main objective is to get your website visitor to do something, either then and there, or later. A successful website is one that converts passive website visitors into active visitors or, in other words, one that has a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy in place.

What We Do

Many digital marketing companies claim to be able to improve conversion rates based on experience but in reality no two CRO strategies will be the same. This element of digital marketing depends more on your visitors and your customers than best practice recommendations or past experience. We can’t just assume, for example, that by making your ‘Buy Now’ buttons bigger your conversions will increase because this worked for another website. Instead all our CRO projects start with finding out why your target market isn’t converting … and then fixing it.


Our Process

  • User Evaluation – we will become your target market, identify the reasons why they visit your site and the success with which you fulfill their wishes.
  • Data collection – setting up specific goals and sales funnels in Google Analytics is a skilled task but so important in identifying conversion problems on your site.
  • Visitor testing – we use heatmap software so you can actually see which areas of your site are underperforming and which areas get the most click throughs and conversions.
  • Solutions – our recommendations will be based on your specific target market, your website’s specific problem areas.
  • Test and Review – there is no such thing as a 100% conversion rate, but each time we go through the above process we will be able to improve on your conversion rate and adapt as your customers’ preferences and behaviours change.


Your Online Marketing And Web Design Department

Varn bring a wealth of online, email and social media marketing expertise to our projects. A professional in the ‘web world’ who can speak our language and still deliver excellent results is a rare find
Phil Dent, CEO
The Progression Trust
Over many years Varn have kept a daily watch on our web presence, constantly tweaking and updating to keep us up to date and ahead of the competition
Dan Collins, Founder
Fresh Tracks

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