The talented team

Meet the talented team at Varn below...


Managing Director

Tom loves taking on any sort of challenge with a mixture of astute problem solving and creative thinking. With years of experience in all things search engine related, he was in the game long before anyone had even heard of Google. With boundless enthusiasm he has channelled his time into directly developing clients’ businesses, whether they are Start-Ups or large corporations. Tom enjoys the family life and has a passion for building large Lego toys to decorate the office with.


Technical SEO Manager

Aimee is certified in Google analytics and has eagle eyes when it comes to monitoring visitor behaviour. Aimee can plan actions and alterations to websites to make sure they improve their customer paths to conversion, with seven years of experience in technical search engine optimisation. Her love of animals is only matched by her ability to give them confusing names, for instance – her dog is called ‘chicken’ and her rabbit is called ‘monkey’.


Technical SEO

Jenny looks at a website’s SEO in the same way Keanu Reeves sees the Matrix. With an ability to research quickly and accurately, Jenny nurtures copy and brings SEO friendly order to web pages. As a mum of a large family, Jenny perceives coming to the office as ‘a quiet spell’, even when she’s flat-out.


Digital Marketing Manager

Thomas is certified in Google AdWords and runs tightly managed PPC campaigns to ensure ROI for clients. He has four years of experience in the sharp end of digital marketing and knows how to drive campaigns which lead to increased sales. With a love of all things US related, including American Football, specifically the Miami Dolphins, he can often be heard arguing that ‘double-denim’ is trendy.


PR Manager

Richard, alias ‘Silver Fox’, has been writing for national publications for over 20 years and remains a regular contributor to the business press. With an enviable network of contacts in the media, Richard can turn a business story into column inches. Some say that Richard’s personal consumption of coffee has made it one of the world’s biggest commodities.


Digital Strategy and Project Manager

Suzy’s role is to take the raw dough of our scheduled work and craft a masterpiece of organisational structure. Her keen eye for detail has made every second count so that Varn is performing like a well-oiled machine. Her skills in planning have been known to cross over when she is gardening at home and in a similar way, annual growth is assured year-on-year as a result.


Digital Marketing Executive

Lucy just loves checking things over and over until perfection has been reached. Fuelled by chocolates, the high sugar levels in her bloodstream allow her to work at a speed which makes everyone else appear to move in slow motion.


Back End / Front End Developer

As a talented coder, Josef builds bespoke websites to SEO rules. With a brain the size of a planet, Josef often puts colleagues to shame in pub quizzes, logic or his knowledge of languages – including computer ones. In his spare time he shouts obscenities in Czech at the opposition in volleyball tournaments around the UK.



Mark has the design gene in his DNA and cannot look at the world without reorganising its elements into a double page spread infographic. Mark also likes to dabble in a little sport now and again, just the odd go at squash, cycling, free running, obstacle courses, football, tennis, pool, bowls… Oh, and all the other sports too.


Front End Developer

Josh is a veteran developer who has honed his art over years of moulding high performing websites from the raw dough of code. If job titles would allow it, he would be called Coding President. With a love of fast motorbikes, he likes to ‘pop a wheely’ when not in the office.


Back End / Front End Developer

As a developer, Axel has become a steady rock in the changing tides of work, where troubleshooting is his second nature. As a connoisseur of beards, he has an impressive foliage growing beneath his chin that gives him a look of authority few can deny. Axel is an active fundraiser and even shaved his beard off once for charity but it grew back twice as thick in defiance.


Non-Executive Director

Will is a seasoned industry executive with board level experience in both independent and publicly listed marketing businesses. This has proved invaluable when sourcing an outside view on our overall strategy for growth. He lives in Wiltshire with his wife and three young children.