Bridge Watch - Live*

Keep up to date on the river levels and flood warnings in the town right here with our webcam

*The camera is currently updating every 12 hours

BOA Bridge watch

Sun 5th Feb 2017 11:44:05
Bridge cam is working again, sorry about that. #bradfordonavon
Thu 24th Nov 2016 09:09:45
River much lower and slower today. The barriers are down too, which is good news. @BBCWiltshire…

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Helping keep local business and commuters informed

Varn are working with The Bridge Tea Rooms in Bradford on Avon to bring you live webcam feed from the bridge in the centre of town. The winter months in 2013 and early 2014 brought with them heavy rainfall and storms, resulting in floods in and around Wiltshire. So keep up to date on the river levels and flood warnings in the town right here, with Bradford on Avon Bridge Watch from Varn.

“The floods have really disrupted the local businesses around Bradford on Avon, but when the Town Bridge becomes submerged it cuts off a main artery for traffic in the region so it’s a serious problem. As we are a local company that specialises in web design and search engine marketing, we realised that we were in a good position to do something for the town’s community and for people travelling here. As well as the camera, we can manage the social media updates, responses and online awareness in regards to changes in the river level,” said Tom Vaughton, MD of Varn.

Varn have collaborated with the great people at The Bridge Tea Rooms, a business who was flooded recently but is now open again and has a great view of the Town Bridge. We have installed a webcam on the outer wall of their premises that takes a photograph of the bridge, which updates at regular intervals. Updated images of the scene will be available hourly and this is altered to 10 minute intervals when the floods are in effect.

You can also follow us and read about the latest weather reports on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions about Bradford on Avon Bridge Watch or notice any issues with our feed, please do let us know. Email us at:

Also Bradford on Avon Town Council have set up a Community Emergency Volunteers group to help with flood and snow related issues so if you want to help out or want to find out more about it click here.

More information about Bridge Watch....