Monthly Archives: April 2016

Learn the skills you and your team need to drive your business forward with our search marketing workshops

Recently, the team at Varn have noticed a rise in demand for training around certain areas of digital marketing and SEO. Whilst much of this demand has come from clients or potential clients who are looking to upskill their staff or get a better knowledge of these areas, this demand has also come from us […]

What Facebook’s new tool on the News Feed means for your businesses

Facebook has always been dedicated to making sure that news feeds are personalised for each user, showing them posts and adverts that are relevant to them and that they are likely to engage with. After receiving feedback on the News Feed function, Facebook is making some improvements and offering more transparency to users. The social […]

What’s SERP?! An essential guide to SERP Features: Part 4

In this instalment of What’s SERP, we will be looking at paid-for SERP features – Google Ads and Google Shopping. Both of these advert types are great for driving traffic to your site, and tend to draw quality, high-converting users. This blog will compare the similarities and differences between these two paid SERP features, helping […]

Why Mobile SEO is Vital and 5 Mistakes to Avoid

It’s widely predicted that searches on mobile devices will shortly outpace their deskbound wireline counterparts – probably by 2015. There is also evidence that people access websites through multiple devices – so consistency in experience is worth consideration for maintaining a positive perception of your brand.