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8 December 2011

Five Steps to Better Website Conversions

Companies spend a lot of time and money getting people to their website but don’t think enough about what the visitor will do when they get there, effectively wasting a large percentage of their advertising budget.  To help you improve the ROI of your advertising you need to improve your website’s conversion rate so we have put together a brief five step process to help you do this:

1) Decide your long-term goals

Spend some time developing a strategy and how you will measure it’s success.

2) Analyse your current website traffic sources

Get a detailed understanding of your online sales process; starting at where your visitors come from through to how they navigate your website and where the leave.  Identify the pages that have the largest exit rate and ask why.

3) Understand your potential clients

You cannot guess this, you need to find out why your visitors aren’t buying or contacting you.  To do this you need to identify the usability problems and understand your visitors objectives through analysis of your websites stats and collection of the website users objections/opinions.

4) Know your market

Take the time to understand your competitors and what their customers are saying online, social media tracking software can help with this.  Then write down your company’s strengths and why someone should choose you over a competitor.

5) Experiment

Using the key strengths from no. 4, and your research, decide the areas of your website that most need updating. Bigger changes may seem daunting but they can give you more profit and get a quicker and bigger return. You then need to carry out the usability and A/B testing to test which changes have the best impact on your sales and then implement the changes.

This method is cyclical so following the tests you should take a ‘step back’ and look at the whole online sales process again and decide which part of your website you want to target next.

Article by: Tom, CEO of Varn More articles by Tom

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