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6 December 2016

Store Visit Conversions: The Future of AdWords Campaigns

Google is looking to change all that with a store visit conversion tracking service linked to AdWords for 2017. Could this be the information you’ve been missing for your marketing planning?

Tracking Your Marketing from ‘Click’ to the Till

An Update in In-Store Tracking

Sure, some will say it is a little bit ‘big brother’ but tracking customers’ paths from the initial marketing messages to the till is of enormous value to businesses, not only in knowing what marketing to use but also in understanding customers better.

Conversion tracking is the metric we all like to get to grips with in order to see what’s effective in our ads, but whilst online purchases can be monitored easily it can be less easy to see how someone who clicks on an ad will then later buy a product from the high street shop as opposed to the website.  Store Visit conversion tracking is set to change all of that.

Knowing Which Messages Sell

Currently in the Beta testing phase, Google has devised an update to store visit conversion tracking that advances its data-capturing for performance-driven advertising. It relies on smartphone GPS capability to observe who goes to the shop after clicking on the ad. If the user is logged into a Google/Gmail account it can track the user location. It can also track user behaviour patterns and habits for shopping. When someone researches a product online and then goes into a shop soon after, this can be monitored via Google – so the journey to purchase can be better understood.

The new analytics will show how ads and keywords will drive offline visits. This kind of tracking can really make a difference because local commerce is ten times the size of e-commerce. Advertisers will be able to tell which keywords or ad groups drive the most in-store visits and build an effective marketing plan around this data.

Be a Winner with the New Store Visit Conversions Tracking Analytics

Tracking analytics is becoming a fine art for businesses intent on adopting an intelligent approach to their marketing. The fact that the majority of us have smart devices with GPS ability means that our every move can now be analysed in terms of how we make decisions about purchases. In the near future, it will be those businesses that embrace these capabilities that will win out in competitive markets.

To understand what you can achieve today with tracking and AdWords campaigns, contact the experts at Varn.

Article by: Aimee, Head of Innovation More articles by Aimee

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