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1 December 2016

How to include Location Extensions in Google AdWords

‘find me a café near me’. It’s smart, therefore, to ensure you include location information in your AdWords campaigns.

Include Location Extensions in Google AdWords to Improve Click-through Rate By 10%

Whilst retail businesses should obviously be looking to attract local interest from those searching through their mobile devices, passing footfall isn’t the only reason to pin your location online. To increase your chances of being found in searches, every possible advantage should be explored. Any service can improve their visibility by being literally ‘on the map’.

Your customer is closer than you think

Google has noticed that the term ‘near me’ has doubled in usage in the last year. This has made adding location extensions to AdWords Campaigns particularly more effective, in fact, Google claims location extensions have witnessed a Click-through Rate (CTR) increase, on average, of 10%.

Location extensions include a link, so customers can access directions to that business address. There is also a clickable ‘call’ button for anyone searching on a mobile phone.

It’s important to realise that location extensions don’t cost additional money, yet they can give you a large advantage in terms of search results. You just need to go to the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab and find ‘Location Extensions’ and you can pin-point your address.

Whilst a shop will clearly enjoy advantages of people knowing the store is geographically near, other kinds of businesses may also benefit from being found through ‘find me a service near me’ style search requests. For instance, if you are a printers, a marketing agency, a law firm or accountants – in fact, any kind of company that relies on customers from nearby locales can benefit from those searching for ‘location-relevant’ services.

Google’s affiliate location extensions

There has been some buzz around Google launching affiliate location extensions in the US (to start with) and this may well be a sign of things to come in the UK.

This is aimed at helping manufacturers. It works by helping customers find the products you make, in retail stores near to their location. So manufacturers and designers that sell through stores/affiliates/wholesalers they are signed up with, can guide their customers to those stores with this location extension.

Google clearly holds weight with location extensions, so it’s worth giving this attention to attract those extra valued customers who may not have known you are nearby.

To find out a range of ways you can improve your SEO and be more effective with your approach to AdWords campaigns and website marketing, drop us a line at Varn, so we can help you fulfil your online potential.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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