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29 October 2015

Different Strategies You Need For Optimising Mobile SEO

Let’s start by identifying the signals that cross over between both device platforms. Content – as everyone now knows – is hugely important across all user devices. The same goes for keywords and natural backlinks/mentions.

Location, Location, Location

However, Mobile has a few unique requirements that need to be addressed for good SEO. These are areas that mobile devices make use of more – such as Apple and Google Maps. Maps are prolifically accessed by people on the move so they need to be on your priorities list for optimising for mobile devices.
It’s important to consider optimising for local business listings – even for businesses that are offices and not always customer facing at the business location.

Don’t Pretend Mobile-geddon Didn’t Happen

Even more obviously you need to have a site that adapts to any device – from mobile phone to tablet to desktop. This is fairly easy to do now but there are still some sites out there – by large companies too – that have not adapted to this rule yet despite staggering publicity on the necessary changes needed. If guilty of this apathy – change it ASAP – as having a Desktop-fit only is damaging to your overall visibility. Be mindful of the design feel of your mobile site – some are optimised OK but still look just plain rubbish to visitors.

Hearing Voices

Finally – consider voice search. Voice search is now more powerful and used as a tool for finding company websites from mobile devices. People can simply ask ‘where is there a shoe shop nearby’ and the Google Map can pop up along with listings of shops in the vicinity. Or they can ask their smart device for any business they are interested in researching whilst on the train, in the kitchen or on the move. Choice keywords can be leveraged to make sites friendly for mobile voice searching. These keywords may take some experimenting with but the results can elevate your presence with the search engine.

For more advice on leveraging strategies for Mobile SEO contact the team at Varn.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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