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22 October 2014

Why You Need To Check Your Links After The Recent Google Penguin 3.0 Update

A representative from Google has confirmed that a much anticipated Penguin 3.0 update was rolled out on Friday 17 October – a year after the last one. When Google updates its algorithms there is always a stir in the world of SEO, a held breath moment where analysts’ see how websites are affected or not, by the latest algorithm tweak that redefines the rules for ranking search results.

Too Early To Tell

At this early stage, analysis from different sources has found different results and a general trend does not appear clear yet on the impact of the update on search results. No one has indicated that this update is a major global ‘shake-up’ and seems for now, more of a minimal change with a few ardent ‘black hatters’ being pushed down the rankings.

Check The Quality Of Your Links

Whilst ‘good’ content is largely untouchable by updates, the links that people try to falsely build in order to support a website can be perceived as non-natural and therefore may be under the scrutiny of the new update. So, what to consider? It’s important to be mindful of irrelevant linking. Also, social media manipulation, for example, may be under the watchful eye of Google. Your press releases that are laced with links in the copy to the same website may look too ‘sales’ and not ‘natural’. Hidden embedded links may be shunned, when clicking on an image for instance, which automatically links a user to a website without their intention to do this. These sort of ideas can be considered as a manipulative strategy and Google is against anything that tries to undermine natural search.

Google may well be checking the link history of a website – not taking any link at face value.

Whilst there is no serious commotion from the update on the web, the update may still be rolling out, so time will tell how this affects websites.

The best advice to avoid impact from the new Penguin 3.0 update is check Google’s link guidelines to make sure you are following best practice.

Here’s 5 tips on what to avoid:

  1. Avoid excessively exchanging links with business partners.
  2. Refrain from buying in links.
  3. Try not to do excessive keyword rich anchor text in guest post article campaigns.
  4. Do not create a link in an editorial piece where the writer had clearly not intended it.
  5. Don’t use automated programmes to create links to your website.

For advice on checking your website against the latest Google update contact Varn.


Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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