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19 October 2022

Search Marketing News | Title Tags, Google Ad Labels and Looker Studio

Welcome to the latest compilation of the Varn Search Marketing News, where we curate some of the most interesting and important updates in the world of search engine optimisation, from new forms of best practices to updates from Google itself. 

This week we share some interesting suspected changes to Google’s algorithm, the new name for Google Data Studio and the new way Google is distinguishing its Ads from organic listings. 

1. Google has started showing website names on listings, not title tags 

The title tag is a fundamental but important part of SEO as it can often pull through to the search results. Recently for some mobile search results, Google has started to use the name of the website instead of the title tag in homepage listings; Google has also reaffirmed the Schema Markup that should be placed on the page to help the site website show correctly. 

2. The sponsored label now shows on mobile Google Ads 

The ease at which Google Ads can be distinguished from standard organic listings has in the eyes of some changed a lot over the past 10 years, with listings much different in styling to what they were in 2007. 

On mobile results, Google has now started to show the ‘sponsored’ tag instead of the old ‘Ad’ tag, in an attempt to make the listings more distinguishable and the reason they are showing at the top of the pages more clear. 

3. Google rebrands Data Studio to Looker Studio 

Product rebrands are something Google does not shy away from, and the recent move to change Google Data Studio to the new name Looker Studio has received a mixed reaction in the digital community. 

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Article by: David, SEO Account Manager More articles by David

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