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11 October 2017

If you are in B2B and only try one free software trial for the next six months we recommend you try this one.

By combining your sales and marketing data, Leedfeeder enables you to monitor existing customers as well as discovering new ones- when a lead revisits the site your CRM is automatically updated, and if you are targeting a specific company you can get email alerts when they land on your website. Leedfeeder also tracks the pages that new visitors land on so that you can follow up on potential leads effectively.

The best part is that there are no website updates required to install Leedfeeder and they even offer a free trial that doesn’t require your credit card details! If you want to use their system we have agreed a 10% discount with Leedfeeder, just use the code: VARN10 when you checkout, or click on this link to automatically get the discount:

Find out more in the video below, and read on for our Q & A with Dylan Hey, UK Business Development Manager of Leadfeeder about his top tips and what’s next for Leadfeeder.

Q & A with Dylan Hey

We interviewed the UK Business Development Manager of Leadfeeder, Dylan Hey, to find out more about the work that he and the rest of the team do.

1. What is your role at Leedfeeder?

My role is to grow our user base here in the UK as much as possible as well as supporting our current customers that are based in the UK. Officially my job title is Business Development Manager but in the start-up world that means nothing right? I do a little bit of everything from sales through to running and attending events through to marketing. It’s a pretty varied role and one I’m really enjoying.

2. What is your top digital marketing tip?

How long do you have? For me, if I had to just give one tip then it would be to make sure that when it comes to content your focus is on providing value. Look at what you’re creating and ask yourself, how will this benefit my audience? If the answer is that it won’t, start again.

3. What is the best example of content marketing you have ever seen?

This is a hard one. I’m an absolute sucker for a well-targeted Facebook Ad so anyone that hits me up on Facebook with a blog post around some sales growth hacks or strategies always gets my attention. My friends at Sales Hacker do a great job of this.

4. Why did you join Leadfeeder from Hootsuite?

Great question. I have always had a passion for the startup space and I am a huge advocate of social selling. I had heard great things about Leadfeeder and as soon as the opportunity came up to lead their growth here in the UK it was something I couldn’t turn down. I loved my time at Hootsuite and the team there are amazing but this role enables me to challenge myself much more and really be part of something special.

5. What types of companies is Leedfeeder best suited to?

Leadfeeder will generate results for almost any B2B company that needs to increase their sales pipeline.

6. What’s new for Leedfeeder in 2018?

In terms of new features? We have just launched a really exciting addition to the tool called Leadfeeder contacts, it actually hit number 1 on Product Hunt, something we are very proud of. We are also planning on launching a new interface very soon. That’s all I can share with you for now but we have some really exciting developments coming…

Find out more at or for more recommendations on software, get in touch with us.

Article by: Tom, CEO of Varn More articles by Tom

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