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11 October 2012

8 Principles to help structure your website, No.3

There are a lot of blogs out there which focus on all the latest CRM technology, flooding your customers and potential clients with information on your business. However, you need to make sure that you’ve taken a second to consider what it is that your customers actually want. Have you taken the time to develop a satisfied customer base?

You need to try and develop relationships with a broad range of satisfied customers.

Not just people who may have bought from you once or twice and who might not be coming back for more.

Your website’s online experience needs to captivate your audience, and plant the seeds for a real customer relationship. Like a plant, you need to nurture those seeds, fulfilling the customers needs and providing first class customer service. Most businesses will end up pushing away customers and breaking this relationship by shoving a CRM system in their faces.

Instead of falling into the same routine, you need to develop these all important customer relationships, before going any further. You need to spend time understanding exactly what they need from you, and do your best to cater to them. Simply having a CRM system is not enough – most businesses lack the in-depth customer knowledge they need to use their CRM system correctly and effectively.

Liz Shahnam, a CRM analyst states the following: “CRM is a philosophy that puts the customer at the design point; it’s about getting intimate with the customer“.

In conclusion – you need to first develop a happy customer base so that you have something decent to manage. Poor customer service and relationships will lose you customers – use any CRM you like, you’ll have nothing left to manage.

So before you spend your money on the latest CRM, spend plenty of time considering how successful you are at managing your business correctly so that you can develop your customer relationships and create many a satisfied customer. Only then can a decent CRM system have the impact that you are looking for.

Article by: Aimee, Head of Innovation More articles by Aimee

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