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5 October 2018

Top 10 tips to create a killer contact page

Your contact page is one of the most important pages on your site. In fact, when analysing client data, we often find that not only is it one of the top 10 landing pages but also usually visited at some point during a visitor’s journey through a site.

Google’s own message on its support page is simple and 100% customer focused:

Web designers and in-house teams often give the contact page much less consideration than a homepage, product page or other main landing pages. Or worse – omit it entirely. But you can seriously improve conversion rates with a well thought out contact page.

10 tips for improving conversion rates with your Contact Page

  • Allow time for your designer to look at the Contact Page in its own right. Creative and memorable web pages will generate more enquiries.
  • Make it obvious in the site navigation. Put it where web users are used to finding contact information.
  • Include different options for how to contact you so users can choose what suits them. Live chat software is often very popular depending on your sector.
  • Other content should be what would be most helpful for your site users. Like customer service Q&As, directions from transport hubs, nearest parking information with fees and time limits, your opening times, social media links, a help section etc.
  • Overcome your users’ stumbling blocks – for example you might need to include information on how long it will take you to respond, what you do with data, will a human answer the phone…
  • Keep it simple – use a short form not requiring much time and effort to fill in. Don’t ask for lots of information at this point.
  • Include a strong and highly visible Call To Action. Don’t assume that just because someone is on your contact page they don’t need direction or motivation in taking the next step… which leads on to point 8.
  • Include a mention of your main USP.
  • Say thank you when an action is taken and reiterate what will happen next – and stick to it!
  • Think mobile phone – so large text, easy to fill in form fields, large CTA buttons, clickable elements, scrolling functions, sticky headers and location tracking directions.

Finding contact information is also a main task in search

As well as having a great contact page for people using your website you should bear in mind that one of the main reasons people perform a brand search is to find out key contact information – like customer service telephone numbers or directions. So optimising your Google My Business listing, schema mark-up, navigation and ad copy for contact details will make sure this information is up-front and centre:

If a client calls you because they found your number in search without having to click through to your site first then that is good for them – and they will remember that your company is easy to contact.

Key contact details, mini contact forms and contact CTAs also need to be tactically and obviously placed throughout the site where user requirements and journeys dictate.

Gain a competitive advantage

Having visible and engaging contact information on your site goes a long way towards conveying three very important qualities potential customers look for: Attitude, Accessibility and Trustworthiness. On the most basic level contact details confirm that you are a real company. How you let customers contact you also shows how much you care about your customers and the quality of your products or services in a competitive market place. Sometimes websites force users to find help themselves in online customer service or FAQs sections first before giving contact details – to keep staffing costs down and field complaints – but this can be totally detrimental. It is much better to give people the choice and let them decide how they want to contact you.

Your Contact page is the very start of building a relationship with your customers. Here is our contact page if you want to find out more!

Article by: Tom, CEO of Varn More articles by Tom

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