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Common Search Marketing Myths – Part 7: Can Click Through Rates, Domain Age and XML Sitemaps Impact Your Rankings?

CTR Doesn’t Have an Impact on Ranking There have been many conflicting statements published online in recent years regarding the impact of click through rate on search results. Google themselves have stated in the past that CTR would be too easily manipulated for it to be used for ranking purposes. However, SEO experts such as […]

Content is King But Online Video May Well Take the Crown

With the growing use of mobile and the ability to view videos on mobile devices, the impending domination of HTML5 and the global expansion of video-hosting sites, make sure video is at the forefront of your marketer’s mind. Online video in the business space started, mainly, as talking heads played on a constant loop on […]

How to get the most from your Google My Business profile

What is Google My Business and why is it important? 2018 has been a year of change in Google’s search results, with less space being allocated to ‘standard’ organic search listings, making way for featured snippets and direct answers. This has made it increasingly difficult for websites to be found in search results. Therefore, it […]

How to grow your business online by predicting customer needs

It is easy to become overly focused on one aspect of your website – providing a conversion or sale. The immediate revenue generating aspect. Whilst this is obviously an extremely important function of your website, you will not necessarily be able to build your brand loyalty and increase the life-time value of each customer if […]

If You Use WordPress, You May Need To Update Your Conversion Tracking. Here’s Why…

What Did This Tracking Do? Known as ‘on_sent’ tracking, this snippet would automatically execute a JavaScript code upon the successful submission of a form. This could be used to fire an Event within Google Analytics which could subsequently be tracked as a goal; it could alternatively be used to redirect users to a Thank You […]