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18 September 2012

8 Principles to help structure your website, No.2

Everything that we do in business effects our success – it can either enhance or detract from the ability to close a sale. No detail, however minute it may seem, is neutral. To get the winning edge within business, you need to understand how each of these tiny actions has an impact on your business. You can then use them to your advantage.

These minute details are often passed over, as are simple ideas. However, these can be the most important. Any successful business pays as much attention to the details as they do the overall picture. This is how ideas are usually processed in business:

  • Complicated Ideas: Complicated ideas are mulled over for a longer time. Many people spend a long time trying to understand the idea, so they don’t miss anything and so that they really ‘get it’.
  • Simple Ideas: As the idea itself may seem simply, most people will glance over it and spend little energy trying to understand it. We all assume that simple idea require less energy and often mistakenly think that we understand, just because it appears to require less attention.

This is a common mistake. People miss out on a lot of potential business by skipping over the details and more insignificantly seeming ideas.

In many ways, marketing can be simple. Still, people like to see the same ideas presented to them in a number of different ways.
The reason for this is ‘tacit know-how’. We are always constantly carrying out research, testing techniques and concepts that produce different results. But why? We do this because we want to have the winning edge. Even though marketing is a simple idea in theory, we go out of our way to find that tiny aspect which may just put us ahead of our competition. Proof that paying attention to minute details really can pay off.

Remember that no detail is too small.

Everything on your website either adds to or distracts from its ability to convert your traffic.

Check back soon for the next part of this blog, Principle 3 : Understand Your Customers.

Article by: Aimee, Head of Innovation More articles by Aimee

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