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1 September 2014

How Twitter Advertising can work for your business

As more companies use their marketing spend on social media, there will be an increasing need to quantify results. This is something Twitter has already addressed on its advertising platform.

We recently joined a #TwitterAcademy webinar by Brian Lavery called #HitYourGoals where we were able to gain an insight into how Twitter’s advertising platform is growing and putting business objectives first.


 What’s new?

Twitter Ad’s were first rolled out in 2010 and have undergone changes and improvements ever since. Their most recent update allows you to choose from a number of different options when creating a campaign that enable you to focus on your strategy and what you want to achieve. For example, if a company is looking to drive leads for a service they offer or want more newsletter signups, you can structure the campaign accordingly.

What’s changed though is that you now only pay for the action tied to your campaign’s objectives. So, when you get a lead through this platform, you only pay for that lead instead of paying for retweets, favourites or follows. This makes campaigns easier to monitor as well as being more efficient from a ROI point of view.

As you can see below, Cost per Action (CPX) is something Twitter has incorporated into its advertising platform across all objectives, which will allow companies to optimise their paid ads to suit their conversions or goals.

cost per action

If website traffic is the main objective, paying on a click-by-click basis would the option to choose. If a company has produced an app and want to monitor how many people have installed it, they can choose to pay per ‘App Click’.

Content is still King

This isn’t all that Twitter has improved; they have also updated the ‘Creative’ too. This means that Twitter ads will no longer just contain a selection of previous tweets or a made-up tweet, but they can also include imagery and video too. Twitter suggests that these new Tweets generally perform better than existing published or scheduled tweets.

You can create separate Tweets for different offers, or to help with A/B split testing, on different Ad Text. This will help to see which Tweets perform better and which create a better ROI.

Do you need help creating or optimising a Social Media Advertising Campaign?

According to Hootsuite, Twitter Ads can drive leads at one-third the cost of other paid channels, but like any paid advertising the amount of money you spend can spiral if the account isn’t set-up and optimised correctly.

Varn are Google AdWords Accredited and have expertise in paid advertising. This knowledge has allowed us to create and optimise a number of social media advertising campaigns for clients in a number of industries. We can structure the campaign in order to coincide with business objectives or goals and can provide updates of key analytics throughout too.

For any advice on creating a Twitter Advertising campaign or guidance on optimising your current campaigns, contact our team at Varn today.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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