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18 August 2014

Our Team: SEO, PPC And Football?

Thomas monitors and manages our off site SEO, blogs and PPC campaigns for Varn’s many clients with the goal of delivering ROI. Some of you reading this blog will know Thomas from meetings, emails and telephone calls but we thought we’d share a little more about his background.

By now the ‘cringe-worthy’ puns will be giving away that he is also involved in football. Thomas is in fact a seasoned semi-professional defender for Radstock Town Football Club in Somerset, competing in the Toolstation Western League. Radstock Town FC is believed to be one of the oldest clubs in the country – officially founded in 1895, although there is evidence that a club played as early as the 1860’s.

Thomas has shown dedication and commitment to the company in the same way he does to the club and as his employer, Varn is giving him every support in return, by sponsoring him as a player.

If you want good advice on SEO or PPC please contact Varn.

Article by: Aimee, Head of Technical SEO More articles by Aimee

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