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31 July 2014

How Varn ended up in the Guardian and how this could help your online marketing

Marketing and PR, in the form of pitching stories to online press for publicity and helping with a websites link profile, we have talked about in this blog before and for good reason.

Some publicity can act as a ‘turbo-boost’ for your website, your brand and ultimately your sales.

Posting Stories For Sweet Rewards

We recently realised that there was a possibility we were potentially missing PR stories that would be beneficial to our clients because they were not being flagged up at the right time. We decided to send a letter with branded Post-It notes (with a contact email) specifically for jotting down news stories and industry stories that might come up at our clients’ workplaces. It was a simple enough idea but we knew that we had to have a reminder for people who had businesses to run and may not have marketing and PR at the forefront of their minds every day. We also sent branded sweets – partly because we are nice like that, and partly so the task would be remembered with positive reinforcement. This plan began to work and we noticed stories coming into the office that we could use for press releases.

Major Press For Simple Ideas

Around the same time, we noticed that The Guardian was running an online showcase for marketing ideas through its Small Business Network.  We informed The Guardian about what we were doing and they published our low-tech PR initiative complete with links to our website, making us shine that little bit brighter for publicity and for SEO strength.

With a little extra push through social media, the link gathers power for us. We have essentially, successfully made a news story out of a working day at the office. This is why we are always saying to clients that they should always be vigilant for such opportunities, to shout about anything that is new and interesting and not hide under a bushel. People want to know your stories and it can have positive effects for your business by sharing them in the right way.

For more information on how Varn can help with PR and Marketing contact Varn.

Article by: Tom, CEO of Varn More articles by Tom

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