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26 July 2022

Meet Helen Dalton: The newest member of our Technical SEO team

We have recently welcomed Helen Dalton to our Technical SEO team and are feeling very lucky to have her at Varn. We chatted with Helen about her time spent so far at Varn and here she shares her thoughts on being involved in SEO work and some advice for anyone interested in joining us…

Hi Helen!

Joining a new business can be daunting. It’s been a few months since joining Varn and we wondered how you have settled in so far?

“I’ve been here around three months now, and I feel right at home. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. I have been given challenges and responsibility from early on, alongside lots of training to get me up to speed. So I very quickly felt settled and like a valuable part of the team.” 

Can you tell us a little about a typical week for you working as a Technical SEO Exec and what’s involved?

“As a Technical SEO Executive, I am working with data and technical systems which means plenty of opportunities to get a bit geeky. There’s a lot of problem-solving and analysis involved, so I always feel like I’ve given my brain a good workout! I might be putting together a reporting dashboard, making recommendations for how a new website should be built, or investigating why an existing website has seen a sudden drop in traffic. I also have various meetings with clients throughout the week, to keep them up-to-date or to run training, which is a nice counterpoint to the data-intensive side of things.”

As you are delving into the Technical SEO delivery for our clients, which elements have you most enjoyed so far?

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to grips with Google Analytics 4 and Google Data Studio; both can be a bit tricky and technical but very satisfying when you get your head around them. There’s lots more for me to learn, but it is really great to be able to look back over the weeks I have spent at Varn and realise how much I’ve learnt in a short period of time.”

How would you summarise the culture at Varn and have you got any insights to share with people that may be interested in joining the team in the future?

“It’s a really friendly team, and quite an informal culture. Everyone here is very supportive and approachable, so I know I can ask any questions I may have, or raise any concerns. I feel very comfortable with the culture, and knowing that if I am interested in learning about a particular area or gaining a new skill, that will be supported and encouraged.”

What gets you excited about getting out of bed in the morning and headed into Varn?

“There’s always a great atmosphere in the office; it’s a nice place to arrive every morning. And I know every day I’ll have some new, interesting work challenge to get my head around. I also love being based in beautiful Bradford on Avon, my favourite town.

Our meeting room has a great view over Bradford and the surrounding countryside – and on a sunny afternoon we can go for a river swim or paddleboarding session together after work.”

Varn Paddleboarding

Can you share any advice that you give to people interested in working at Varn in the future?

“Don’t be scared to get in touch and ask about recruitment. I first contacted Varn out-of-the-blue because I wanted to work in SEO and liked what I had seen of the agency online. I had phone calls and informal chats with a few people in the team before I was offered a role, and it really gave me the chance to get a feel for Varn, find out more about technical SEO, ask all the questions I had, and be sure that it would be a good fit for me. Everyone I spoke to was so lovely and relaxed, I knew it would be a nice environment to work in.”

Has anything surprised you about Varn?

“I think I had a good feel for the culture and set-up of the team at Varn before I joined. So I think the only thing that has surprised me is just how quickly I settled in and began to feel at home here. I definitely feel like I’ve found a place where I belong, am valued, and can grow.” 

Are you looking to develop a career in SEO and digital marketing?

Our team is always looking for positive, talented individuals who are determined to learn, develop and grow. Get in touch today for a chat about career opportunities at Varn. We also have a digital marketing graduate scheme for those wishing to kickstart their marketing career.

Article by: Vicky, Marketing Strategist More articles by Vicky

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