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15 July 2021

The Three ‘Paid Search’ Questions to ask in July

This month we explore some key questions to ask about Google Partner Status.

So what does Google Partner Status mean? 

Back before the Covid Pandemic, Google announced changes to the ‘Partner Status’ – aimed at making sure there was a standard level that agencies and Paid Search Professionals should achieve before saying that they ‘knew’ Google Ads.

It involves training, tests and a minimum budget control to qualify.

Question 1 – What training and tests are there for Google Partner Status?

There are training courses offered for free from Google to get an account strategist up to speed on Google Ads. The four main ones cover the most important foundations of GA; Search, Display, Video and Shopping. An Agency should have at least one person qualified in each of these topics. While not every Google Ads account will use these four types of campaigns, it is just as important to know when they aren’t suitable for an account as much as when they are.

Question 2 – What are the benefits of Google Partner Status?

The Partner Status badge should give a client confidence when talking to an agency, not just about these four topics, but also that the Agency will be in regular contact with Google Support.

Google are always testing out new Ad Extensions and small adjustments. Partners can get early access to these extensions and apply them to their client’s accounts. Simply put, if you work with a Google Partner, your adverts should perform better.

Question 3 – If an Agency doesn’t have the New Google Partner Status, what does it mean?

At the moment, agencies have up until February 2022 to qualify, so it doesn’t matter if an agency doesn’t have a new shiny badge. Of course, Google updates its training courses frequently, so it is a good sign if an agency has done the latest versions of the training and are already qualified.

If you have any further questions about what a Google Partner can do for your Ad Account or Paid Search in general, please get in contact with Varn, and we can help.

Article by: Christopher, Senior Paid Media Executive More articles by Christopher

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