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14 July 2014

How Analytics can help improve your website conversion rate

First of all – you will need a Google account to access this software. The software performs a raft of analytical functions that if acted on, can transform the way you present your website. It’s had great success reported for those willing to mould their website on recommendations based around the reality of the analysis.

Insight Is Everything

On a shop floor, a manger can observe the customer first hand, see from which door they enter the shop, observe how they choose a route and notice where they are drawn to before they commit to paying for an item at the till. The manger may even notice that the visitor is a returning customer, which may mean they will likely come in again. This is useful to know as it would be an advantage to give the customer a flyer with an offer or capture their details by offering them a regular newsletter.

In contrast, many business managers will be blind to how their website is being perceived and the journey a customer will undertake on their website, so therefore they cannot react to customer behaviour. The website owner will choose to put their site up and simply hope for the best after the initial design – but a website can so often be improved upon when the owner has some insight into the way people choose to use it.

A website is so important to your business that you do not want to be blind to the behaviour of your visiting customers.

Which Bits Work Best

If you have created a website for your business, seeing the pattern of where visitors decide to go to would obviously be an advantage when understanding how your website is being used.

You may have a video, a blog or a number of web pages – when you have analytical software you can pin-point which of these factors are working, as you can see which precedes or helps with a sale. This is known as ‘conversion tracking’. You could decide to tweak the website design and focus on the landing pages that most customers began their journey to a sale on.

Influencing the Tweaks

Ever wondered where your customers come from, how long they stay on the site, how many were on the site over a certain timeframe (perhaps when running a marketing campaign or special offer) and how many were repeat visitors? If you knew that all of your customers were from Bristol, for instance, after you rolled out a marketing campaign in the area – then you would be reassured the campaign was working. It is just as relevant to know when a campaign has failed so you don’t repeat the mistake.

Measuring the ROI from marketing campaigns, online and offline advertising is a useful aspect of Google Analytics.

This is the most important premise about website analysis software, as whilst understanding visitor traffic is a good starting point on your website, it’s even more appealing to understand the processes that do and do not effect conversion to sales. Google Analytics is a powerful tool to help you analyse the customer’s journey through to a sale.

For those not ranking as high as they would like from searches, to get a handle on the best keywords to match searches on your business offering, there’s nothing like finding out the reality of what search terms find your site and this is where this software can help. Once you know the best organic and paid for keywords you can tailor your SEO accordingly.

Need A Steer?

What Google Analytics can do for your business is provide insight into both general trends and also individuals’ behaviour and it will bring clarity to how your website’s messages are being interpreted.

At Varn we can help you with these processes, as members of our team have the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). If you would like to implement the software, need some in-house training or technical support, please get in touch so we can guide you.

Article by: Tom, Managing Director of Varn Digital Marketing More articles by Tom

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