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7 July 2014

Pay Less Per Conversion/Click by Finding New Locations To Target in Google Adwords

So to help make your AdWords campaign perform better, and as Google AdWords Accredited Partners, we would advise that you add locations to target and exclude ones you want to avoid when setting up an AdWords campaign. This helps to narrow audience targeting and can reduce Cost per Click (CPC) whilst increasing conversions too.

Choosing locations to geo-target can improve ROI and there are a number of ways to do so:

  • City, country, region
  • Post code
  • Radius around a point (your business or offices)
  • Location extension targeting

Google determines which ads to serve based on several location cues that include search term, the domain being viewed and the physical location of the person making the search.

There are two geo-targeting tips we will cover including:

  • Using the ‘Where your users were’ user location report to find cities where conversions take place and see how much they cost per conversion.
  •  By selecting the advanced setting ‘People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location’ it will mean ads are shown to people who use the name of the location within their search, have viewed content about a certain location or have chosen the location in their search preference settings.

Case Study – Finding Locations

Once the campaign has collected sufficient data (a month is a useful guideline), a ‘Location’ report is available called ‘Where your users were’ and allows you to see the cities where searchers were when they converted. In this case, we can see that majority of conversions for the month happened in London, costing an average of £1.07 per click and £44.32 per conversion. If we compare this to Cramlington, we can see that this location accrued 4 clicks across the month, two of which converted at an average cost of £0.67 per click. The cost per conversion is much lower too, costing £1.34 per conversion.

So, we know that it is worth adding Cramlington as a location to target as it costs much less to convert here than it does in London.

Google AdWords explains that you can optimise your click costs across your campaign by bidding higher or lower for devices, times and locations, so we can increase the bid for Cramlington by 20% to start with, to show our ads in a higher ad position.

Another location that could be worth some thought is Bishop’s Stortford as it has cost £0.11 for one click which has converted.

Case Study – Target By Keyword

By using this information, we can geo-target an area with keywords too. For example, we can add ‘KEYWORD Cramlington’ rather than just targeting an area. We can set location-specific keywords to show across the United Kingdom, so anyone searching for an area specifically will be shown the ad, regardless of their location in the UK.

This technique is useful for businesses that have a local presence and it would only be appropriate to limit the targeting to this area through keywords and not geo-targeting.

It is also great for scenarios where, although a qualified lead may not be located in the geo-targeted area they are due to move to a new area, search for a job or are willing to travel to your headquarters.

So, when thinking about geo-targeting, there is a number of ways to be creative in order to be both precise and relevant.

Article by: Tom, CEO of Varn More articles by Tom

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