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1 July 2024

June SEO News Roundup

We share a helpful guide to Google SGE/AI Overviews, the latest SEO news and important Varn news and updates this month. If you want to stay up to date with the latest in SEO news, you can also follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Varn SEO News June 2024

Your helpful guide to Google SGE/ AI Overviews

Google’s AI Overviews (formerly SGE) has officially launched in the US and our Innovation Team are keeping a close eye on what’s evolving, to help ensure we stay ahead of what’s next and fully understand the implications of these new AI-powered search features.

Our comprehensive guide on what’s happening is being kept up to date and will help you understand how to prepare for the global rollout of AI Overviews and what it could mean for your search strategy.

Google will stop indexing websites that don’t work on mobile

Recent news from Search Engine Land, shared that Google won’t index websites that do not work on mobile devices after July 5th. Therefore, if your website is not accessible using a mobile device, then Google will no longer index it and rank it in search engine results. SEO experts have long known the importance of mobile-first site optimisation, but now Google is taking its mobile-first approach a step further.

Google Launches Custom Event Data Import For GA4

Recent news from Search Engine Journal, shared that Google launched custom event data import for GA4. This allows the combination of external data with GA4 data, for enhanced reporting and analysis with Google announcing that, “with this feature, you can use a combination of standard fields and event-scoped custom dimensions to join and analyse imported event metadata with your existing Analytics data. You can then create custom reports for a more complete view of your Analytics data and imported event metadata.”

It was ‘Outdoor Office Day’ on June 13th

What better day than ‘Outdoor Office Day’ to celebrate our wonderful woodland office, an innovative an outdoor workspace for our team, surrounded by nature to inspire, foster new thinking, innovation and promote our team’s well-being. You can find out more about our Varn Woodland Office below.

We celebrated a wonderful VarnFest at our woodland office

VarnFest returned on June 19th at our unique outdoor woodland office in Bradford On Avon. VarnFest was born out of a vision to share leadership stories that will help others learn to be the best leader they can be and to help their business grow. Find out more and get signed up to be the first to hear about what’s in store for VarnFest 2025!

Varn enjoyed a day volunteering at Bath City Farm

Some of our team were delighted to have spent the day volunteering at Bath City Farm🐷 Bath City Farm is a 37-acre working farm, a much loved charity and a popular visitor attraction providing education, training and therapeutic activities to people in the local community. If you’re local to Bath, we would highly recommend volunteering here to support the brilliant work they do.

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